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Improve financial performance of assets
Deepen brand affinity and satisfaction
Expand engagement among stakeholders

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Improve Financial Performance of Assets

Using Kouto, brands have launched a totally new revenue stream through experiences, or have grown existing programming into a cash generating business segment. Increase ADR and develop a new competitive advantage

Deepen Brand Affinity and Satisfaction

Use human-centric experiences to foster more meaningful connections between guests and your brand to reach new levels of loyalty and optimize reviews and ratings. Increase lifetime value of guests and NPS by going above and beyond traditional offerings to build a brand that sticks

Expand Engagement Among Stakeholders

Introduce hosted experiences to provide new growth opportunities to community members, staff, and other stakeholders. Immerse guests in the local culture, arts, passions, etc. of the community to create an elevated sense of belongingness
ate logistics directly with peer-to-peer booking and communication

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